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performing at the grand Grenzing Organ of Madrid's National Auditorium.

Opening recital of the 8th Organ Cycle of the Madrid's National Auditorium
at the 4 manual Grenzing Organ of the Simphonic Hall with the first performance in Spain
of Pictures at an Exhibition by M. Moussorgsky
(versión for Organo by Keith John)
and first performance of "Five Spanish Popular Dances" by Miguel Pérez,
commissioned for this occasion by concert artist Pilar Cabrera.

Première in Spain of:
Paintings at an Exhibition
by Modest Mussorgsky
versión for Organo by Keith John
Live recording obra completa by Spanish National Radio / Clasic Music
   download MP3 file at 64 kbps - 17Mb

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          Portrait by M. Reckling

Miguel Pérez (*1976)
"Five Spanish Popular Dances"
commissioned by Pilar Cabrera

1) Danzuca Mordida - soon available
2) Danzuca de las Hachas - soon available
3) Danzuca de Amor - soon available
4) Danzuca Rústica - soon available
5) Danzuca Final - soon available

You can listen to an other excellent version
of the 5 Spanish Popular Dances by Miguel Pérez,
performed by Pilar Cabrera at Brussels Cathedral.
Digital recording by Michael Reckling Studios.



    Live recording by Spanish National Radio / Classical Music © 2006 - Michael Reckling Studios - Valladolid, Spain   

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The sound of the new Allen Concert Organ of Cubillas de Santa Marta in Spain.

               El nuevo Órgano Allen instalado 
en la Iglesia de Cubillas de Santa Marta (Valladolid)
3 manual instrument, 150 stops (+ 100 from Expander), pedal of 32 notes and memory for 160 combinations.

The old organ at Valladolid's Cathedral
   PILAR CABRERA plays three romantic works by K. Elert and M.E. Bossi,
      recorded in 1989 at the old Organ built by A. Amezua Valladolid's Cathedral.            

página pronto disponible
 web site soon available
The new Allen Concert Organ at Valladolid's Cathedral in Spain.

    El Órgano más importante construido 
    en el siglo XX en la Iglesia en España.
	    	_ _ _

        The most important instrument 
         built in the XX century in Spain. 

                           PILAR CABRERA
concertista de órgano - concert organist from Spain

Music for the soul         Música para el espíritu         Musik für die Seele
The best exclusive Classical Music recorded in large Churches and Cathedrals in Spain!

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