The Artist after his première at Expo 98 Lisbon, Portugal.                   Photo by M. Reckling MIGUEL PÉREZ     Biografía de Miguel Pérez
Born in 1976 in Málaga (Southern Spain), the young composer Miguel Pérez has already a vast catalogue which includes the most diverse genres and in which the popular music has an important place. Educated in Málaga at the Youth Symphonic Bands of Miraflores and Gibraljaire and at the Higher Conservatory of Music, where he took degrees of Professor of Music and Professor of Tuba. His music has been played in Spain, Portugal, France, Mexico and Belgium, with recordings for RTVA y RNE, highlighting the premières at the National Auditorium for Music and the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Madrid, and at at the World-Expo'98 Lisbon, Portugal. At present he shares his compositive activity with the teaching activity at the Municipal School of Music of Nerja
near the capital of Málaga, Costa del Sol.

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    2 Sound Samples of Danzucas

Sound sample from Danzuca Nr.1 ( recorded in Paris )
Sound sample from Danzuca Nr.2 ( recorded in Paris )
Composer Miguel Pérez from Spain.    Sociedad General de 
Autores de España


Première in Belgium at the Cathedral Saint Michel & Gudule - Brussels

Première in Spain at the National Auditorium of Music - Madrid

Première in Portugal at the WorldExpo 98

Première in France, Paris

Première in Valladolid, Spain   -   July 2006

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   Mp3 downloads of the most excellent Organ in Spain,
 by far some of the best recordings available online!



   Excelente grabaciones en Mp3 de Órgano y Trompeta
     High quality recordings of Organ and Trumpet

   Misas solemnes, laudades, visperas y conciertos 
con el nuevo Órgano Allen en la Catedral de Valladolid
The largest Allen Organ in Spain with 19.400 digital pipes at the very large Cathedral of Valladolid in Spain.
El mayor Órgano Allen de España con 19.400 tubos digitalizados de la gran S.I. Catedral de Valladolid.

   Mp3 and video clips for download 
from this magnificent and unforgettable concert 
at Cathedral of Valladolid.