7th International Organ Festival
Basílica de Santa Maria, Igualada (Barcelona - Spain)
30 January - 19 March 2000.

Boscŕ (1758) and Bertran (1912) organ,
restored and enlarged by Gerhard Grenzing, Barcelona.
Artistic direction: Joan Paradell i Solé

Successful recital by Pilar Cabrera with a very original and lively programme.
“...the grace and humour with which the organist performed this piece,
admired and captivated the public.”
“A different concert of high level, in which the organist showed some
possibilities of the organ which were unfamiliar for many of those present.
Pilar Cabrera, a very expressive and charming person,
was much aplauded by the numerous public.”
Maria Dalmases, Barcelona, daily “VIDA...”, 24 february 2000.

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