Many enticing photographs & sound samples from recent recitals:
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Listen to the Spanish Battle Trumpets It's always a most wonderful experience to listen to the fascinating sound of the
Horizontal Spanish Battle Trumpets of Pilar Cabrera's grand Marbella Organ,
created between 1972 and 1976 by Spain's leading master organbuilder
   Gabriel Blancafort Paris (1929 - 2001).

* * * * *

Winter 2005 - Organ concert at the church of Santiago Apóstol,
Valladolid, Castile & León, Spain.
Concert organized by Valladolid's Fine Arts

* * * * *

Autum 2005 - Organ concert at the II Organ Festival of Toledo
church of Santo Tomé in Toledo, Castilla La Mancha, Spain.

* * * * *

Autum 2005 - Concert for Organ and Trumpet at Málaga Cathedral, Andalusia, Southern Spain.

* * * * *

Summer 2005 - Concert for Organ and Trumpet
Burgos Cathedral, Castilla y León, Northern Spain

* * * * *

Live recordings and photographs
Pilar Cabrera has performed at Bruges Cathedral
works by N. Bruhns, F. Correa de Arauxo, J.S. Bach (BWV 542),
R. Watson (Jubiläum), J. Legido and J. Jongen (Sonata eroïca).

Live recording of the complete concert available
and photograhs of the Cathedral Organ and Bruges.

    Valladolid Cathedral - Concert for the Fine Arts

Gallery of 70 Photographs and sound samples

* * * * *
    Turin / Italy - Inaugural Concert of Organalia 2003  

Gallery of Photographs and sound samples

* * * * *
          Mafra / Portugal  Organ duo recital with Javier Villero
Concert at the National Palace of Mafra
          Enjoy this beautiful slide show with music from J.S.Bach ! Open the slide show of Mafra     

        Brussels Cathedral / Belgium   Organ Concert
 Download high quality music of this great concert in Mp3 format

        Salamanca 2002 - Castilla y León / Spain   Organ concert
Sound samples and photographs of the 2 historical organs
at Salamanca's new Cathedral

El Espinar - Castilla y León / Spain   Organ concert

Castilla y León / Spain   Concerts for Organ and trumpet

Wonderful music of different baroque composers
  High quality recordings of Organ and Trumpet
Música Clásica en la Iglesia de Marbella © Banner by M. Reckling Classic Music recorded at Marbella's main Church

Cubillas de Santa Marta (Valladolid) es el único pueblo en España...         
Cubillas de Santa Marta (near Valladolid) is the only village in Spain...

       El nuevo Órgano de Conciertos instalado 
en la Iglesia de Cubillas de Santa Marta (Valladolid)

...que cuenta en su iglesia (s. XIII) con un Órgano de Conciertos de 4.000 tubos digitalizados.
...which holds in its 13th century church the largest Allen Concert Organ of the country !    

Conciertos de Órgano con Degustación de Vinos
           Organ Concerts with Wine Tastings
Todo el año: Conciertos de Órgano con Degustación de excelentes vinos.
All year around: Organ concerts with Wine Tastings at the church square !

      Las Palmas de Gran Canaria / Spain   Auditorium Alfredo Kraus
2 new Mp3 files for download   (Watson - Dances   /  Elmore - Rhumba)

Paris / France  Concert at the Cavaillé-Coll / Merklin Organ

       Chartres / France   Visiting the Grand Organ at Chartres Cathedral

Concerts in Spain  with trumpet soloist Gary Dilworth - USA

Madrid / Cathedral La Almudena    The new 4-manual Grenzing Organ

       El Escorial / Madrid  Great success of Riff-Raff with 4 organs and 12.000 pipes

Plasencia / Spain  II International Week of Sacred Music

Alpe d'Huez / France  The Kleuker-Guillou organ

Papiol / Spain  The new 4-manual Brussels Cathedral organ
Enjoy 50 photographs of the presentation at Gerhard Grenzing's workshop !!

Igualada / Spain  VII International Organ Festival

Burgos / Spain  Organ series on works of J.S.Bach

Madrid / Spain  National Auditorium of Music

Torreciudad / Spain  International Organ Cycle

Viseu / Portugal   Representing Spain at the World Exhibition - Expo 98

Morelia / Mexico  International Organ Festival of Morelia

Douai / France  Concert at the 4-manual Cavaillé-Coll organ

Royal Monastery El Escorial / Spain  Summer Recitals

Northern Spain / Concerts in Galicia

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The grand Blancafort Organ in Marbella
 is one of Spain's largest church organ !

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