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Rogelio H. Figueroa        2/16/2004
Extraordinario instrumento del que sabemos su existencia por los mensajes de la Maestra Pilar Cabrera. Gracias

Larry A.Hall Jr.    LHMusic's Musical Notes    2/16/2004
Pilar Cabrera,I'm a church & community choir musician for 33 years in Omaha,NE & I check your website & it was wonderful!!! Keep Up The Good Work & God Bless You & remember
to "Keep A Song In Everybody's Hearts & Make Words & Music Together."

Alberto Hermans        2/7/2004
Congratulations with this beautiful and artistic site. I enjoyed the music very much

ANGEL DE LA CRUZ        2/6/2004

Don MacLean 1/31/2004
Heard a recording on BBC Radio - fantastic! Will now try and obtain CD in Glasgow.

Eli Gutierrez Medal 1/25/2004
I have spent enjoyable hours discovering "The motherland". Thank you!!! I am a transplanted 'Nicaraguan' descendant of Andalucian ancestors, living in Oceanside California USA. May The Lord grant me the privilege of visiting Spain in the not so distant future. Hasta la vista! EGM

António José Ferreir Meloteca 1/23/2004
Como português, ibérico e pessoa profundamente apaixonada pela cultura e pela música, dou os meus parabéns ao sítio e às pessoas pela actividade desenvolvida em favor da música e do órgão. Tendo criado e estando a manter também um sítio web, convido-vos a todos a visitarem www.meloteca.com. A língua não será dificuldade para as visitas de língua espanhola, como o espanhol não é dificuldade para os portugueses.

phillip powe organhouse jamaica 1/14/2004
hi Pilar/Michael thanks for the cd you sent me .it is great as i listen to it all the time.feel free to send anymore.I wish one day ill be at the organo del sol mayor

JOHN HUNT 1/13/2004

Andy 1/6/2004
Excellent music...I am learning to play the Organ myself.

Francisco Falcão 1/2/2004
Parabéns pelo site extraordinário. Sou amigo pessoal do Mestre Dinarte Machado É preciso dar a conhecer ao mundo o caso único dos 6 órgãos existentes na Basílica do Palácio Nacional de Mafra.

John Williams http://http:www.infoweb1.com/ 12/22/2003
You have a great web site. I like it alot.

Neftalí Alexis El nef 12/22/2003
¿Quien diría que una mujer domase este intrumento como ella quiera?Aqui esta , ¡ES PILAR CABRERA!, felicidades por la pagina

papamaci 12/17/2003
Your organ-play is wonderful...

Behnoush 12/16/2003
pilar,I am a student and by now I have not had any attention to classical music.When I was visiting a musical site I have read something about your works, so I visited your site but I could not hear none of your playings.I requested from you to send me some of your works if it is possible. Thanks for your kindness

Humberto Márquez 12/16/2003
Hola, soy un jóven mexicano amante de la música de órgano y de este precioso instrumento, me encantaría escucharla un día, en alguno de los órganos novohispanos que todavía tenemos, o en el auditorio nacional, o en el Conservatorio Nacional de Música cuyos órganos son de la firma italiana Tambourini. Espero me avise si tiene planeado dar conciertos en la República Mexicana. ¡ Que tenga una hermosa Navidad !

Adrian Landa 12/8/2003
Pilar, both my brother and I have been brought up with organ music. OK I can't paly it but I love it. You are very good indeed. We have been to organ concerts with world famous organists. We hope you will be and really already are a great organist. I didn't know that Spain had this many beautiful organs. And we are over seventy years old. Goes to show you that you can learn something new every day. WE WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a successful and happy New Year. Moreover a blessful year,

Rigo 10/23/2003
I love your music! You are a wonderful organist, and I hope that some day, I may be able to see you perform! I attend a church in Texas that has a 193 rank, 11,900 pipe organ with 3 horizontal trumpets! My church is Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. Maybe someday you may visit? I hope so!

Cássio de A. Duarte 10/23/2003
Pilar, Continue a elevar o espírito, A colorir o ar com a melodia, A lembrar a todos que, apesar de tudo que vemos e vivemos, a humanidade tem a arte como redentora, harmonizadora e pacificadora. Abraços de Santos, Brazil

John B. Hiebert, MD 10/20/2003
I happened upon your Website last night--much to my delight and admiration of your marvelous program. Were I to come back in a different life, my first choice would be as an organist. Your whole program was inspiring--and hopefully I will be able to visit to actually hear you. If you have concerts not listed on your Website, please add me to your email list. Thank You!! John B. Hiebert, MD; 1521 Stratford Road, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA


Wojtek Szel¹g Muzyka organowa w S³upsku 9/27/2003
Il saluto! Sono polacco e appasionato di music l'organo. Io suonaro l'organo dalla chiesa Santa Faustina a S³upsk(1993-2003).

Ted Maul The 925 9/21/2003
This is a very interesting site, you have put a lot of work into it.

Filippo Geuna 9/21/2003
I have just downloaded and appreciated very much the organ concert from your web site. I have never been in Spain but I would be much pleased to hear you playing one day. Many congratulations for your skill and thank you very much for making freely available some of your organ playings.

Conny Heemskerk 9/13/2003
please continue your efforts; they are very much appreciated

Derwin Landis 9/12/2003
What a lovely concert. Pillar is a fabulous organist. The repertoire is very interesting. The acoustics of the recording are so marvelous. Thank you so much for making this concert available for us to enjoy on the internet. For me the highlights was the unusual repertoire. My favorites were the Bach and Jongen. Best Wishes to you as you keep great organ music available on the internet. Sincerely, Derwin Landis

Marie-Jeanne Organum Plenum 9/10/2003
félicitations pour le beau site!
Gaspar 9/4/2003
Increibles interpretaciones por la famosísima organista española. Magnífico y variado programa. El público aclama ¡larga vida a Pilar Cabrera! Gracias.

Hedi Drelier Hedi Drelier 9/4/2003
Un seul mot : Merci. Merci Pilar pour cette merveilleuse interprétation. Merci pour votre générosité dans la possiblité de télécharger votre concert. Mais à artiste rare, comportement rare.... Bravo et Merci.

Alejandro Butnaru 8/31/2003
Me gusta mucho encontrarme con paginas tan buenas como estas, donde se nota la preocupacion de algunas personas para mantener la cultura musical, y por supuesto, me encanta la musica de organo, mi sueño es poder tocar un organo bien algun día.


Gilda Suro 8/30/2003
Gracias por la musica tan hermosa que nos deja disfrutar en todo momento. Dios la siga bendiciendo con tanto talento. Sinceramente Gilda

Doug Crank 8/29/2003
Pilar's performance at the Bruges Cathedral is magnificant. I especially enjoyed the first section of Jongen's Sonata Eroica and how it shows the capabilities of the restored tracker action on this great old 18th century organ. As usual, Ms. Cabrera's interpretation and execution is simply marvelous. Loved the light and amusing Watson encore.

Kevin Hosey 8/29/2003
It is wonderful to see such workmanship!and hear the wonderful music!!

michel courant 8/28/2003
Merveilleuse interprétation de Bach, bravo ,et félicitations aussi pour votre site et son mp3 de grande qualité. Merci pour ces grands moments de MUSIQUE .....la VRAI ... M.C.

Ralphe Gagnon 8/27/2003
Visiting a dsaughter in Zaragoza and touring southern Spain I visited man old cathedrals and organs. Asa former service engineer for hammond organs i enjoy any organ music but the cathedral pipes are my favorite.Thank you for your wonderful music

Gary        8/22/2003
Please indicate the label that your CDs are recorded under. I would like to purchace several of them and need to know some albem numbers for the J.S.Bach recordings. Thank you.

David bridgeman-S    Musings and Amusings    8/16/2003
Congratulations on an interesting and well-presented site. I was thrilled by the organs of Iberia when I visited as a schoolboy well over half-a-century ago. Would it be right to believe that, while Spain treasures its historic organs, there has been a movemovement toward instruments that are closer to the North German style? Best wishes David Bridgeman-Sutton

michaêl CLEMENT        8/3/2003
un site superbe avec de magnifique mp3 de bonne qualite audio et interpretation merci

samuel q.ansah        7/31/2003
hi, i am samuel and i am 23 years and i am an artist from ghana,please my reason why i am send you this mail is that,i want to be your friend. i like make friends with artist like and i will be very happy if you accept me as your friend. i am ready to send you some of my art work you are interested. i will end here, see you soon. bye

Laurie A. Toca    Toca Genealogy    7/30/2003
Family far and wide, perhaps. I live in New Orleans,La. Ancestors appearing in the 1700's. Don Joseph Alonzo de Toca. Would love to know if we are family.

Stu Cowitt        7/22/2003
As I said in my entry to your other Guestbook (for the Organ), it was such a pleasure meeting you and hearing you play on Thursday, 10th of July, during our 2-week holiday in Spain. Thanks so much for your time. Look forward to seeing you again, hopefully in concert in the U.S.! Stu and Grace Cowitt Franklin Square, NY, USA

Sara Vindias    This is my page    7/21/2003
Great website and nice guestbook. Excellent job! Feel free to visit my wein site.

Attilio Dalla Rosa        7/20/2003
My dear colleague Pilar Cabrera... You are simply THE BEST !!! Your hands.... your soul.... your wonderful eyes... your absolute exceptionnel organ playing... Your music world will enter in my soul !

Richard        7/19/2003
The MP3 Samples are excellent Pilar. I really had a liking for the Riff Raff. I thought that really demonstrated the Orchestral sounds that Pipe Organ has to offer!

André C. Gort        6/27/2003
Wonderfull soundsamples, thanks, please more.

H L SMITH, II        6/10/2003
¡Hóla Pilar! ¿Cómo estás? I'm so glad I found your site. I am well. I am playing alot these days. I see that you are also. This is neat! Hope to talk with you soon. Would love to see you. Requerdos, H. L. Ache-Ele)

Darl        5/30/2003
It was an absolute delight to have made your virtual acquaintance!It is not often one meets with such a nice and spiritually companionable person who combines fine intelligence, astuteness and artistic sensitivity with personal graciousness such as yours. I look forward to new JSBach meetings in the future... All my love to you, Pilar, Darl (Bulgaria)

Vladimir Burmasov        5/23/2003
The sense that your spirit is sprinkled with spring rain. It is very strong impressions not only from BACH, but yet from the site. There is no smell of US money on it. Only to see (to hear) your site one had a sensation of nonsensical life of modern human. Thank you!

Maria Adelaide        5/10/2003
I really enjoyed your site with the wonderful photos and music: That's very nice indeed! Superbe!

phil    organ house jamaica    5/8/2003
hi pilar cabrera.your site is excellent and you play great.when are you coming to jamaica?

William van Leeuwen        4/30/2003
I am listining to orgel music for 50 years, but Ms Pilar Cabrera is out of this world. therefore Spanish organ music what a sound it fires and snaps at you She is the only one who can play Spanish organ music out of the 18th century Tank you very much Pilar

Werner Scott        4/25/2003
Excellent sound on the Grenzing organ. Bach has rarely sounded this good. But why can't the mp3 file samples be downloaded? Doesn't make sense.

Rev. Hugh R. McGhghy        4/23/2003
I love Bach's organ music! I've played it for 60 years. Now that I'm disabled I would like to be able to purchase cds over the internet. Help please!

juan luis moreno bej        4/23/2003
Solo quisiera saber como acceder a cierta informacion musical referente al Miserere de Hilarion Eslava en la Catedral de Sevilla. Gracias y Felicidades por tu agradable web.

Anthony Eaves        4/17/2003
It is always a real pleasure to listen to you playing the organ. Your style is so refreshing. You remind me very much of Marie Claire who is an excellent teacher. Hope to visit Spain this summer and to hear you play live instead of listining to your records.

Ralphe Gagnon        4/14/2003
AS AN 87 YEAR old amateur organist and aoverof pipe organ music I was thrilled by the music.Muchas Gracias

Jason        3/30/2003
I cant tell you how much I enjoy the web site!! The music took my breth away and I cant stop enjoying it!!!

Jim Mik    UNEXPLAINED UFO, ALIEN, AND PA    3/26/2003
i REALLY LIKE YOUR SITE.. very Nicely Designed.. recommend it all the time. If you like Paranormal and Ufo's, check out my homepage. http://www.unexplainable.net

Maria L. Aparicio        3/24/2003
Los felicito por tan bella Catedral y tan singular organo, que Dios los bendiga y me permita a mi un dia poder visitar tan maravillosa obra

yolanda    2    3/16/2003
pues que puedo decir yo soy una plasentina viviendo en holanda y cada ano regresso a mi propia tierra plasencia lo que hecho mucho de menos y lo primero que hago es visitar el cathedral.

Anthony Leeson        3/14/2003
I found your website through my local association of organists in Norwich, UK

ogelio H. Figueroa    N/E    3/6/2003
Es de lo mas excitante que he encontrado en la red. Sindo mi país, República Mexcicana, de tradición organística, jamás hube oído de la existencia de este espléndido sitio y de sus órganos. Bien tocados dos, en este ejemplo, que ojalá me diga cuándo vienen a América. Se llevarán sorpresas por la catidad, calidad y descuido de espléndidos órganos barrocos que subsisten a pesar de los mexicanos comunes

Pierre Lessard        3/3/2003
Just,beautifull sound.

andy braacx        3/3/2003
hola Pilar, eras genial, de verdad! Un abazzo de Andy

Erwin & Ria        3/3/2003
Hallo Pilar ! Nice to hear from you ! The pictures are lovely and the organs look really impressing. We hope you have had a good concert. Kind regards to all of you Ria & Erwin (from Belgium)

Nils-Erik Larsson        3/2/2003
Thank you once again for this place where one can come to experience a touch of heaven thanks to Pilar Cabrera and of course J S Bach. The music seems to span over centuries with never changing optimism and joy, joy to exist, to be alive and part of Creation.

Oscar Fleischer        3/2/2003
God Blessed you Pilar with an extraordinary gift, and I will pray for you to get your reward for sharing your gift with us. GOD IS GREAT ALL THE TIME and I am sure you feel it when you play Bach. Your music is a confort to my soul, is like a prayer and I am hapy I found your web site. Thanks, Oscar

Gilberto Guarino        3/2/2003
Congratulations! I wish Brasil would be at least half percent thoughtfull and carefull concearning it's instruments as you definitelly are. We, for instance, have a 4620 pipes/100 stops/4 manuals Tamburini Organ, located in the building of Rio de Janeiro School of Music, which is malfunctioning because the administrators always have projects for the future, a future that never comes trough... Nevetheless, they don't have R$300,00 (less than US$100.00) to fix on note in the Great Organ. A pitt

Lammert    Church pipe organs in Nuns    3/2/2003
Good nice site!

Ron Briggs        2/14/2003
Such beautiful music, how can I order your CD?

Ernest Rubi        2/12/2003
Beautiful music! Where can I purchase some CD's?

Martin Erik GASPAR        2/7/2003
Congratulations! Very good web-page! Thank you for download! I am from Graz, the cultural capital 2003. Would you like to give a concert in Graz? martin

Jean-François rothé        2/7/2003
merveilleux son, merveilleuse interprétation, merveilleuse Pilar... Vive l'orgue JFR

Bearings    Bearings     2/3/2003
You have a great looking site. Thanks for the opportunity to view it.

LEE, Carol&Patrick        2/3/2003
Lee will write you soon. I still have fond memories of our trip to Marbella- must go again soon. hope you and your husband are well. all news in next communication. take care, patrick

Martyn Bougourd        2/2/2003
Dear Pilar Your playing is superb and a joy to listen to. I am from England and once played the organ in the catedral at Cordoba. There are many wonderfull organs in Spain I found your website via the links from Christchurch Cathedral New Zealand !! With every best wish Martyn

Vincent Lefèvre    prins Willem    1/22/2003
We enjoyed very much your Brussels concert. Very nice music indeed, especially the spanish compositions! I offer you a visit to my website: a home builded model of a 17th century merchands ship (Prins Willem). Vincent (Bruges/Belgium)

Phillip C. Wildhagen        1/21/2003
Enjoyed some of the fines organ music I have heard. Allowing website visitors to hear this spectacular instrument in Spain is a memorable treat.

Dan Fitel        1/1/2003
This is a most wonderful sight. I would like to see some Palestrina, and other organ music writers, Purcel, etc. The Performer and Organ played on are one of the best which I have ever encountered. Thanks, All the works played are fantastic. Dan Fitel

Raoul P. Mongilardi        12/21/2002
I am creating a documentary about the organ for international television distribution. Would you be interested in discussing performing for this worthy and long overdue project? Also, where might I find CD's of your performance in Belgium?

Geoff Allan    Camerata    12/6/2002
Thank you for the magnificent website and even more magnificent organ music. Do you have any recitals in England in 2003 ? I should love to hear you play live. Best Wishes Geoff Allan

Walter Lutz        11/25/2002
Dear Mrs. Cabrera, I want to congratulate that the wonderful music of J.S.Bach and other componists is downloadable in the internet. Your courage to let hear other people this classic sound I find very good. Only that invitates someone to buy CDs. And when I hear the great artist You are, than it's the more a great pleasure. For private purpose I made a CD from Your concert in the cathedral of Brussels. Very interesting was Your playing with the acoustic of this church. Muchos saludos

Anthony Eaves        11/9/2002
Look forward to hearing you play the organ when I visit Spain next year.
In the meantime I wish to buy your CDs.

Lukasz Jakubiec    Jon & Vangelis    10/24/2002
Very good webside with great music (especially Giménez - Intermezzo). Best Regards From Poland.

Toby King        10/21/2002
Brilliant!!! Bravo!!!! Thank you for sharing your organ skills and performance on the web. I have never been to Spain or to the Brussels Catheral. It is a great opportunity to visit your country via internet. Again thanks

Gaspar González Báez        10/15/2002
El párroco de Santa Clotilde en Paris, decía a sus feligreses "cuando les predico les hablo de Dios, cuando Cesar Frank toca el órgano es Dios mismo quien les habla". Después de escuchar el vivace de la triosonata Bwv 530 que tu tocas creo entender muy bien el significado de esas palabras.

song    mi kyong    10/12/2002

R. Fischer        10/10/2002
It´s a very bice side with good pictures and sounds. Thank you.

John Padraic Dunne        10/5/2002

Maria Elena Amparan    bestrecruiter    9/29/2002
Pilar, Thank you for your web site and beautiful music. As you can see, my surname is Amparan. I have studied my family's genealogy for over 25 years and know the name of Amparan was at one time Emparan. Can you please tell me if Gloria Emparan is still living, and if so, how I may get in touch with her? Thank you so kind. Many, many more outstanding years are ahead of you. Congratulations on your wonderful web site. Maria Elena Amparan Winnetka, California

Nelena Bergsma        9/19/2002
I enjoy hearing you play very much. Your music is wonderful.

Simon Platt        9/19/2002
Hola Pilar, Te saludo de mi nuevo dirección de email. Simon Platt- arquitecto de los órganos Grenzing en las Catedrales de la Almudena de Madrid y de San Michel y San Gudule en Bruselas

Ken Gilliard        9/16/2002
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gifts with the world via the internet. I am a church organist in Southern California who always having played American organs welcome the different timbre of the European instruments. Wonderful! Wonderful!

Aulo Augusto Fessel    DIRECTNET    9/16/2002
Prezada Senhora Fiquei encantado com estas gravações. É maravilhoso quando podemos desfrutar de um trabalho artístico desta categoria. Parabéns.

Hans-Dieter Karras    Hans-Dieter Karras    9/16/2002
Dear Mrs. Pilar, your playing is absolutely from the finest, especially the music from the last centurys. I'm german music director and concert organist and hope, to can invite you sometimes to my hometown. To representate the music from a concert as mp3 on the internet it's absolutely great. Sincerely Hans-Dieter Karras

Robert Gautreau        9/15/2002
The absolute finnest Organ Works BRAVO !!!

Robert Bentancur        9/6/2002
Gracias muchas por facilitar el disfrute de la interpretación de grandiosas obras. Las escucho diariamente como fondo musical en mi trabajo y agradezco cada vez que haya quienes como tú dedican su arte a los demás.

Françoise y Alain        8/7/2002
Gracias Pilar por esa emoción que nos hiciste sentir en tu concierto anoche en la Cathédrale de Bruxelles... Nos hiciste descubrir un mundo totalmente desconocido para nosotros... y eso después de un encuentro fortuito en un aeroporto... Gracias otra vez....

Rich Anderson        7/20/2002
Please send or post any info about organ concenrts in Paris or London in October 2002. Thanks

paolo morosi        7/20/2002

Miroslav        7/19/2002
Hello, just started to get acquainted with this site, but can allready say that it's beautiful. Miroslav

Sue Millar    n\a    7/15/2002
I have always enjoyed Spanish organ music. I have listened to your brilliant playing of the organ at Marbella via the internet. We are coming to Spain in October and I will be looking for recordings of your playing. I also hope we may have the opportunity to attend some concerts of Spanish organs. Yours sincerel, Sue Millar

Francisco Carvallo        7/3/2002
Saludos de los E.E.U.U Srta. Cabrera! Ud. toca el organo en forma divina! Quien dice que solamente los hombres son buenos organistas? Ojala que algun dia sus grabaciones se hagan disponible en los Estados Unidos para que las pueda adquirir. Saludos, Francisco Carvallo 03/07/02.

juan de la rubia        6/8/2002
Me ha gustado mucho la interpretación y el repertorio escogido para el concierto del auditorio Alfredo Kraus de Las Palmas que he escuchado hace unas horas por Radio Clásica, en especial las cinco danzucas populares y la Rhumba. Enhorabuena Juan de la Rubia, organista.

Gregor Arndt        5/25/2002
Dear Lady Pilar, thank you very much for your impressive recordings available on the internet. I never expected the see so many people worldwide enjoying the organ music of JSB. Please continue in giving us the opportunity to listen to your exciting recordings, although I would like more to meet personally one of your concerts. So please send your concert schedule from June 2002 until rest of this year. Thank you, Gregor

Giacomo Fiaschi    Arts & Crafts    5/19/2002
Gentile Signora Pilar, ho avuto la grande fortuna di ascoltare la sua interpretazione di JS Bach. Che dire? Grazie per aver fatto rivivere l'emozione di un'arte straordinaria. Splendide interpretazioni, splendide esecuzioni! Grazie! Giacomo

Sandro Carnelos        5/10/2002
Complimenti per il bel sito. Sandro Carnelos, organista in S. Maria delle Grazie Conegliano Italia.

maria javier        4/12/2002
Very impressive pictures!!WE would like to visit this cathedral on July 23,2002. Kindly give us directions on how to go to this Cathedral. Thank you. Maria

Mervyn Hogg        4/10/2002
Hi Pilar, Last week I heard the splendid organ in the magnificent Alfredo Kraus Auditorum at Lsas Palmas. Please can you tell me where I can find the builder and specification. Are you planning to do any recitals in the UK this year? It would be good to hear more spanish repertoire here. best wishes Mervyn Hogg

david nielsen        3/20/2002
We will be in Madrid from May 18 through May 26. We would like to know if there will be church organ conerts while we are there. David C. Nielsen

Mario Tiberi        3/8/2002
grazie, il tuo Bach è il nostro, è il Bach del 2000!!!

Rubén        2/24/2002
un saludo de un joven estudiante de órgano. ¡Enhorabuena!

Celestino Mielgo        2/13/2002
Por fin he conseguido entrar en tu pagina. Tenía muchas ganas. Aún recuerdo el conciento del 19 de agosto del año 2001 en San Miguel de las Dueñas, y la gente también. Recuerdan con admiración la extraordinaria interpretación de órgano y trompeta. Un saludo y hasta pronto

Zygmunt Strzep        2/6/2002
Dear Ms Pilar, I am looking for a pfone number of Maestro Vega Nunez! Would you help me and could send me his phone number, please? I woeld aprecciate it very much. I am a Polish concert organist and actually living in the USA. I forget his phone number! Many thanks, Zygmunt

Giorgio Parolini    Giorgio Parolini    2/4/2002
Dear Pilar, I'm an Italian colleague. Congratulation for Your website, very nice indeed!!! Have You ever been in Italy? I hope sometime I will have the occasion of playing in Your wonderful country. My best wishes for Your activity. Sincerely Yours. Giorgio Parolini

Rubens Vaz da Costa        2/1/2002
Uma apresentação irretocável!

Felipe González        11/24/2001
Hola Pilar. Saludos desde Burgos. Tuve el placer de escucharte en tu concierto del año 1999 en el Cavaillé-Coll de la Iglesia de la Merced de los P.P. Jesuítas en el ciclo de órgano dedicado a Bach. Aquel ciclo fué retransmitido en muchas ocasiones por una televisión local y fue muy comentado entre la audiencia. Me animo a emiliarte aprovechando que he estado enredando un poco por la red, y te doy la tristísima noticia, no sé si a estas alturas del año lo sabrás, de que esa iglesia en que te oí

Alessandra Mor    ROOM500 Virtual Assistants    10/10/2001
very nice website!

Mª Carmen Junquero        5/22/2001
Hola Pilar, entré aquí por pura casualidad investigando algo sobre música y me encontré contigo. Sólo decirte que me alegro de que sigas bien y con tu carrera, la página es fantástica. Mucha suerte en tu carrera! un beso

Mary Beth Dellamano    Dellamano Music Publishing    4/12/2001
We are happy to introduce: “New Original Pipe Organ Music” From “Dellamano Music Publishing” Stop by our website and check out the free music and sound samples! Our site is www.dellamanomusic.com/pipeorgan.html Sincerely, Mary Beth Dellamano marybeth@dellamanomusic.com

Bella, Muy Bella!!! Quisiera tener màs fotos de Pilar. Donde puedo encontrar más fotos para bajar?. Y su CD dónde lo puedo comprar?. R.

Romeo        3/3/2001
The best site of music I ever found on Internet !!! CONGATULATIONS - Keep on this good work. Your music is wonderful !

Stan Rulapaugh        11/20/2000
Co you have a concert scheduled for Barcelona or Madrid area from 15/4/2001 to 1/5/2001 as we will be visiting.

Luis Ibañez        10/1/2000
Magnifica la pagina y magnificos los ejemplos sonoros pero no se quedan atras las fotos que ilustran cada uno de los eventos

Carlos Otálora        9/23/2000
Eres una gran intérprete de lo mejor de Bach, me gustaria recibir algunas partituras en especial, la de la tocata y fuga en re menor.

Marnie Dilworth        8/9/2000
Your music is beautiful. Tell Gary hi

javielito villero        7/29/2000
Ha sido un gran honor encontrarte desde Alemania justo un dia despues de la conmemoracion de la muerte de nuestro amigo, que, dicho sea de paso, aqui esta siendo una gran fiesta, el gran BACH. Hay conciertos y actividades por todas partes. Hoy mismo iremos a Weilburg a oir la Gran misa en si menor. He aprovechado este lugar que tienes en internet porque he olvidado pedirte tu direccion de e-mail. Espero noticias frescas de alli, donde el sol luce, no hay nubes, se puede ir a la playa, ... ahhh

Merrill N. Davis III    Euro Musik Corporation    7/26/2000
I am the consulting artist and director for Euro Musik, a Chicago USA firm, representative for Rieger-Kloss Organbuilders of the Czech Republic. I think your web-site is superb and you must be a world-class artist. I am also an organist and had the honor of performing in the Balearic Islands Festival 2000.

Merrill N. Davis III    Euro Musik Corporation    7/26/2000
I am the consulting artist and director for Euro Musik, a Chicago USA firm, representative for Rieger-Kloss Organbuilders of the Czech Republic. I think your web-site is superb and you must be a world-class artist. I am also an organist and had the honor of performing in the Balearic Islands Festival 2000.

William Hubert        7/3/2000
Great internet site. Love the MP3 files, but some of them were not loading. Are you doing any US tours?

George J. Mancini        6/18/2000
Happened upon your website via a posting on the "church organ trader". Thank you for the .mp3 clips and for promoting the music of the "King of Instruments". Will look forward to visiting this site again, when I have more time! George J. Mancini, Organist and Music Director, Holy Ghost RC Church, Providence, RI USA (Wicks 17rank w/ Rodgers 950B Console & digital ranks, 4 second perfect reverb. acoustic environment)

Dale E. Miller        6/8/2000

Manuel Zacarias        6/5/2000
Pilarcita: Gracias por tu mensaje via e-mail. El órgano del Auditorio Nacional se reestrenará en octubre 2000. Espero invitarte para tocarlo en un futuro cercano. ( Mi papá fué torero....) Saludos.

Roger Bush        5/28/2000
Dear Pilar I was fascinated by your site, the photographs and sound clips. I am an organist myself in England and have visited Spain many times and admired the fantastic organ cases in the Cathedrals. The only instrument I ever got to play was in Pamplona Cathedral however. I gather from your site that there must be something of a revival of interest in the organ in Spain as I have rarely heard any of the cathedral instruments being played. I would dearly love to be able to play some of t

Bosco Ramirez R.        5/24/2000
Hola Pilar: soy amante de la musica de organo y aun no he escuchado sus interpretaciones. Por las expectativas que me deja ver su homepage, creo es es una mujer de gran talento y virtuosismo, estoy seguro que asi es. GRACIAS POR SU ARTE!!!!!!!! CARTAGO, COSTA RICA, AMERICA CENTRAL

Bosco Ramirez R.        5/24/2000
Hola Pilar: soy amante de la musica de organo y aun no he escuchado sus interpretaciones. Por las expectativas que me deja ver su homepage, creo es es una mujer de gran talento y virtuosismo, estoy seguro que asi es. GRACIAS POR SU ARTE!!!!!!!!

Scott Clinton        5/21/2000
Scott Clinton - Organist Church of St Hugh - Miami Florida

Steven Grimshaw        5/20/2000

Igor Menicatti        5/2/2000
Wonderful website and organs. I'm very interested in organbuilding, and I have heard there's a book called "El Organo Baroco Espanol". Do you know if exists a website where I can find and buy it? Congratulations for your activity and best regards.

Pepe Suarez        4/11/2000
Recibi tu carta, te contestare pronto. Por ahora recibe muchos saludos cariñosos. Pepe

Colomba Di Castro        4/1/2000
Congratulations for your website of a great organist! I hope really to have soon the chance to see you playing in Paris.

José Roldán Banda        3/7/2000
Enhorabuena por tu gran trabajo como intérprete en un instrumento tan místico y difícil de tocar como es el órgano. Soy organero en la zona del Aljarafe sevillano y conservador de algunos de estos instrumentos en dicha zona. Gracias por hacer que no se pierda la aficción al órgano.

Jose Alberto        2/2/2000
Pilar lo unico que puedo decir es CONGRATULATIONS !!!!, desde estas tierras blancas y heladas del Canada, espero algun dia poder escuchar tu musica a traves de la CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), en todo caso voy a escribirles para ver si tienen tu musica para ser transmitida a lo largo y ancho del pais.

Mark-James Merrill        1/18/2000
Soy Americano y vivo en los EEUU en el estado de IOWA en la ciudad de Des Moines. Durante las ochentas estudié el organo con Montserrat Torrent en Barcelona. Estudié specificamente la musica española con ella durante una estancia de un año como un estudiante post-graduado. Antes de eso, estudié el organo con Guy Bovet. El Señor Bovet me dio la interesa entre la musica española. Hace mucho tiempo que hablé i escrií la señora Torrent, y me gustaría si Usted puede darme noticias de ella. Muc

Vladimir Bezobyuk        1/10/2000
I am from Ukraine. Because of heavy economical situation of our country (it is an ex-USSR) I cannot have many music in my audio collection. I've searching Internet with classical MP3's (there is free Internet for our University's students). Your examples attract me. I believe I have been listen this pieces at all. With best regards Yours Vladimir.

Richard Larnach        1/10/2000
This is an excellent site - certainly one of the best I've found for the avid organ afficionado. The MP3 files are a great way of demonstrating the wonderful sounds over the internet.
If only more organ sites had the same idea. I'm off now to buy one of your cds!

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