The Royal Monastery
El Escorial / Madrid.

Photograph by Michael Reckling
All rights reserved.

Pilar Cabrera at the main console
of the four organs of the Basilica of El Escorial,
performing the Premiere in Spain of Riff Raff,
written by Giles Swayne.

The 12.000 pipes and the most impressive
accoustics of this Basilica turned
Pilar Cabrera's interpretation
of this very original composition
into an unforgettable experience !

Excellent sound sample of Riff-Raff
performed by PILAR CABRERA
with 4 organs at the Basilica of El Escorial.

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Última versión de Riff Raff, grabada en concierto en la Catedral de Valladolid.
Latest version of Riff Raff, live recorded at the Cathedral of Valladolid.

More photographs and a great sound sample from Pilar Cabrera's other concert at El Escorial.


Photography by Michael Reckling      M.R.Studios - Spain