"Magnífico !"  Her Majesty The Queen of Spain.

"...clear, cut rhythm...clarity of texture...vibrant performance...quite an experience !"
Gordon Reynolds, organist of the Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace, England.

"Her charm and stunning musical talent promise to place her indeed
on a pillar at the front ranks of our profession".
"...hearing you play, Pilar, and listening to your splendid recording, assures me
that you will have an important career. You play Spanish organ music
as I have conceived of it: with nerve, caprice, and dynamic rhythm, above all expressive."
Dr. Webb, San Francisco State University, California.

"She plays with an unusually good sense of articulation and phrase,
excellent - fiery and enthusiastic."
Frankfurter Allgemeine, Germany.

Photograph by Michael Reckling    © 2001

            “...the grace and humor with which Pilar Cabrera performed this work captivated the audience. The organist showed the many possiblities the organ has as an instrument which most people are not familiar with, in this magnificent and very unusual concert. Pilar Cabrera was enthusiastically applauded by the large audience. An expressive and charming person, she said that she always enjoys  hearing  the opinions of whoever wishes to talk with her at the end of her concerts, especially young people.”                 Maria Dalmases, Barcelona. International Organ Festival of Igualada.

“Spectacular Organ Concert in the Cathedral. The Spaniard Pilar Cabrera gave a masterful concert at the metropolitan Cathedral,  representing  her  native  Spain at the International Organ Festival.”    El Occidental, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

          “Pilar Cabrera , star of the brilliant session of the musical cycle, performed before a full house at the Basilica of the El Escorial Monastery. Very confident, she played with the natural reverberation of the monumental stage to excellent effect.   The  stereophonic tech-
nique allowed the four organs to form a chain. Concert wildly applauded.”                 Antonio Iglesias, ABC, Spain.

            “The young and attractive organist Pilar Cabrera brought joy and excitement to the Church as if by magic,  with the intelligent choice of registers,  both in the ancient Spanish works as well as in her own transcriptions.”
Katharina von Glasenapp, Neue Vorarlberger Tageszeitung, Austria.

            “A wonderful performance ! The pieces were well chosen and beautiful played.” George Feher, former cellist New York Philharmonic.

"High artistic level !"
"Organ recitals of this young talented lady are quite an experience !"
Sinziger Zeitung, Germany.

"An excellent musician, playing from her very heart and soul"
"Her playing is faultless and fluid"
Ars Organi, Germany.

"It is a 'must' for all organists' record collections"
The Organ Club Journal, England.

"The discovery of a great musician"  Harmonie distribution, France.

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