Pilar Cabrera has visited after her Concert in Paris
the organ at Chartres Cathedral. She was introduced
to the instrument by organist Laurent Bouis.
The artist enjoyed playing Spanish works
from composer Gerónimo Giménez 1854 - 1923
and famous Miguel Pérez, born in 1976 in Málaga.

Organist at Chartres Cathedral:
Organiste titulaire - Patrick Delabre, Paris.

Pilar Cabrera - Cathedral of Chartres - France

Laurent Bouis attending Pilar Cabrera during her visit at Chartres Cathedral.

*** Sound samples of Pilar Cabrera playing the magnificent Cathedral Organ ***

sample 1 - 358 K Gerónimo Giménez       sample 2 - 509 K Gerónimo Giménez
sample 3 - 464 K  Miguel Pérez       sample 4 - 750 K  Miguel Pérez

More information about the Cathedral Organ and its activities can be obtained at:
Association des Grandes-Orgues de Chartres
75 rue de Grenelle - 75007 Paris / France
Tel. ++33 145 483 174

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