To get you own Hi-Fi Player for free you can either go to:
Coding Technologies
or just click on the control panel below:

You also will find everything about MP3 PRO,
the great new audio compression format
developed by Coding Technologies.

An mp3pro file will play normally in a non mp3pro player.
Only it will sound like a normal mp3 with lower quality.
The music performed by Pilar Cabrera is worth listening with a mp3pro player !
You will enjoy the quality of real Hi Fi music.

Using an mp3pro player
How to proceed for listening real Hi Fi music
if you have other Mp3 players installed on your computer:

1) Download your mp3pro player at Coding Technologies
2) Download any Mp3 file of this page as a complete file on you computer.
3) Activate your mp3pro player and select any
of the Mp3 files downloded from this page.

You will listen to music with CD quality !
Please let us know if you have any problems.

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