Organ Concert by Pilar Cabrera at the new Grenzing Organ of Brussels Cathedral.
The complete concert is available for download in Mp3 Pro format (at 44.1 KHz).
01) José Jimenez (1610-1672) - Batalla de 6 tono

02) Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Prelude and Fugue in G major - BWV 541

03) Giles Swayne (*1946) - Riff Raff

Miguel Pérez (*1976) - Five Spanish Dances
04) Danzuca Mordida
05) Danzuca de las Hachas
06) Danzuca de Amor
07) Danzuca Rústica
08) Danzuca Final

Bernardo Adam Ferrero
Two Spanish Songs (trans. P. Cabrera)
09) Pescadoras Valencianas
10) A García Lorca

11) Gerónimo Giménez (1854-1923)
Intermezzo   (trans. Pilar Cabrera)
with Encore: Pasodoble

Download only the Encore: Pasodoble

Photography & digital audio recordings:
Michael Reckling

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