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Órgano - Órgano y Trompeta - Orquesta - Viento y Percusión


40 Organ Concerts on CD's recorded at Valladolid's Cathedral in Spain (2006 - 2016)

        Pilar Cabrera at the organ 
 of her home town Granada in Spain.         Pilar Cabrera at the organ 
 of her home town Granada in Spain.

36 years of musical activities by Pilar Cabrera
interesting photographic document in PDF

Pilar Cabrera
performs since 12 years on the 4-manual Allen Quatum Organ
the famous and most successful series of
Organ Concerts with Candle Lights
at Valladolid's Metropolitan Cathedral in Northern Spain.

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2019 Christmas Concert at Valladolid's Cathedral

2019 Autumn Concert
2019 Summer Concert
2019 Spring Concert

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2018 Christmas Concert
2018 Autumn Concert
2018 Summer Concert
2018 Spring Concert

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2017 Christmas Concert
2017 Autumn Concert
2017 Summer Concert
2017 Spring Concert

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2016 Christmas Concert
2016 Autumn Concert
2016 Summer Concert
2016 Spring Concert

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2015 Christmas Concert
2015 Autumn Concert
2015 Summer Concert
2015 Spring Concert

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2014 Christmas Concert
2014 Autumn Concert
2014 Summer Concert
2014 Spring Concert

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2013 Christmas Concert
2013 Atutumn Concert
2013 Summer Concert
2013 Spring Concert

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2012 Christmas Concert
2012 Autumn Concert
2012 Summer Concert
2012 Spring Concert

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2011 Christmas Concert
2011 Autumn Concert
2011 Spring Concert

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2010 Christmas Concert
2010 Autumn Concert
2010 Summer Concert
2010 Spring Concert

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2009 Christmas Concert at Valladolid's Cathedral.
2009 Autumn Concert at Valladolid's Cathedral.
2009 Summer Concert at Valladolid's Cathedral.
2009 Spring Concert at Valladolid's Cathedral.

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2008 Christmas Concert at Valladolid's Cathedral.
Audio samples available...

2008 Autumn Concert at Valladolid's Cathedral.
Audio samples available...

2008 Summer Concert at Valladolid's Cathedral.

2008 Spring Concert at Valladolid's Cathedral.

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New Year's Concert 2007 - Organ Concert  at  Cubillas de Santa Marta.

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Christmas Concert 2007 at Valladolid's Cathedral (northern Spain).

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Autum Concert 2007 at Valladolid's Cathedral.
* * * Première for Organ in Castile & León * * *
"Pictures at an Exhibition"
by Modest Moussorgsky
Transcription for Organ by Keith John.

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Easter Concert 2007 at Valladolid's Cathedral.

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Concerts in 2006 at Valladolid's Cathedral.

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The historical organs of Salamanca's New Cathedral.

 Pilar Cabrera en la Catedral Nueva de Salamanca

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Videos of Pilar Cabrera's Organ Concert organized by the XXVII Festival de Órgano de Álava (Northern Spain).
Órgan ot the Curch Iglesia San Juan at Laguardia, restored by José María Arrizabalaga.
Video 1 Video 2

 Órgano construido por Joaquin Lois
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Johann Sebastian Bach
in d minor - BWV 565
Pilar Cabrera on the new 4 manual Allen Organ
with the most outstanding acoustic of Valladolid's Cathedral in Northern Spain.

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7 composers are dedicating music to Pilar Cabrera.

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                          En esta imagen:
225 jovenes de diferentes Colegios de Valladolid
   con PILAR CABRERA al nuevo Órgano Allen.
Didactic auditions with PILAR CABRERA at Valladolid's Cathedral.
Since 2008 thausands of pupils of different schools from Valladolid visited their Cathedral,
enjoying together with Pilar Cabrera the magic of this enormous monument with its two organs.

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The first photographic Book of the grand Marbella Organ,
edited and published in its 40 aniversary by Michael Reckling.

The unique CD of the large Blancafort Organ at Marbella in Spain.

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Organ concert for ORGANALIA at Turin / Italy.

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Many photographs, several video clips>
and various high quality audio recordings of several concerts in Spain.

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performs in concert and as Première in Spain
at the Nacional Auditorium of Music in Madrid:

Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky

and World Première of
" Five Spanish Popular Dances "
by the famous young composer Miguel Pérez from Málaga.
Excellent live recording by Spanish National Radio for download.

                      PILAR CABRERA 
at the Nacional Auditorium of Music in Madrid

PILAR CABRERA performing at Valladolid Cathedral
  PILAR CABRERA has inaugurated the new 4-manual Allen Organ at Valladolid Cathedral.  
Listen to passages of the two first inaugural concerts, recorded live on July 14 and September 22, 2006.

Autum 2005 - Concert for Organ and Trumpet at Málaga Cathedral, Andalusia, Southern Spain.

Pilar Cabrera performs RIFF-RAFF with 12.000 pipes !

Movements 1+4 of Mendelssohn's Sonata Nr.1 for Organ
  PILAR CABRERA at the grand Marbella Organ in Spain

PILAR CABRERA plays works by Johann Sebastian Bach at Cubilla's new Allen concert organ.

High quality recordings...
Picture of PILAR CABRERA taken by Dr. Blas Bombín Mínguez / Valladolid.

     PILAR CABRERA interpreta tres piezas 
de N.Grigny en el gran Órgano del Sol Mayor.
  PILAR CABRERA plays works by N.Grigny 
   at the grand Marbella Organ in Spain.

PILAR CABRERA plays 3 works by Sigfried Karg Elert and M.E.Bossi at Valladolid's old Cathedral Organ,
built by Aquilino Amezua and Leocadio Galdos between the years 1904 and 1928.

PILAR CABRERA plays Valladolid's old Cathedral Organ

7 composers are dedicating music to Pilar Cabrera.

Other Events
with many enticing photographs and audio files !

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You can view some Guestbook entries
dedicated to Pilar Cabrera.

has been organist during 20 years (1984-2004) of one of Spain's largest church organs,
the grand Marbella Sun Organ, located at sunny Marbella in southern Spain.

    El Órgano más importante construido 
    en el siglo XX en la Iglesia en España.
	    	_ _ _

        The most important instrument 
         built in the XX century in Spain. 

Pilar Cabrera is the organist of the new Concert Organ at Cubillas de Santa Marta in Northern Spain
and organist of the new Cathedral Organ
at the city of Valladolid, capital of the region Castiila & León.

                       PILAR CABRERA
organist of the new Valladolid Cathedral Organ

El Organo del Sol Mayor - 4 manuals and 65 stops.

Contemporary composers from Spain
3 famous composers writing excellent music for Organ Solo

Composer Jesus Legido from Valladolid Composer Adam Ferrero from Valencia Composer Miguel Perez from Malaga

Association of authors and writers of Spain

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